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Catering to small businesses, Cedar Place offers a personal touch to hosting your web site.

Cedar Trees Every one needs a place to host their site, but with the internet changing every day, you need a place that does not limit your options.

We first offered Website Hosting because we found that a lot of our clients didn't have an internet connection or even a computer, but have heard that Web advertising is the perfect medium for promoting their business. This prompted the creation of our Basic hosting Package. We recommend that clients' keep their business website separtate from their personnel ISP, so to keep their ISP options open for the future. From the positive response, we have decided to expand our services. We can now offer a full range of hosting services, including Domain Hosting and E-Commerce solutions.

At Cedar Place we have friendly staff that take the time to guide you in these areas, helping you to make right choices for your business.

Basic Website Hosting

Our entry level package. No internet connection, no problem. We can look after everything, so that you can concentrate on your business. After creating a site, you can make your home at Cedar Place.


We can change and update your web site for a low maintenance charge of $45. per hour. Add-on options available.

Yearly payment: $75.00 ( That's only $6.25 per month )
Quarterly: $ 25.00
Set Up: $ 35.00
E-mail alias set up: $ 5.00/per
E-mail autoresponder set up: $ 5.00/per

Domain Basic Website Hosting

Our lowest price domain hosting package. More than adequate for most small businesses, who like the professionalism of using a Domain Name.


Yearly payment: $240.00
Quarterly: $ 75.00
Set Up: $ 65.00

Add-on Services

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