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Cedar Trees Many businesses now have web sites, and they are here to stay. The information superhighway has no geographical limit, open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it exposes you to a greater number of potential customers whether you want it to be local, regional, nationwide or worldwide.

We can design a beautiful custom web site, enhancing the qualities your business has to offer. Your web site is not only a full colour statement of your business image, it is also a powerful networking tool. With reciprocal links to other businesses that compliment your site, networking maximizes exposure to your potential clients.

Your web site is truly low-cost advertising compared to the cost of advertisements in newspapers and magazines. It is a marketing tool you can use again and again for years.

Here at Cedar Place we cater to small businesses, we include all the aspects of web site design in our fee, with the option of taking care of your hosting needs.

Our Policy

At Cedar Place, we take the time learn about your industry, to determine how your bottom line can benefit from a web presence and we take the time to educate you on the ins and outs of the Internet.
Our approach to web design is relatively simple. We pay attention to the little things. The shadows, the proportions, the white space. When we come up with an idea that grabs us, we sit down at the computers and bring it to life.
A custom site, may cost a little more but the difference in terms of your business could be infinite.


A website designed especially for you, that gives you a place on the information highway, includes:

4 Graphic images (manipulated & compressed, so that your site downloads fast)
Title design
Bars & backgrounds
Hot links
E-mail link
Meta tags ( search engines read tags in order to catalog your site )
Promotion of your site to search engines ( 10 of the top search engines )
Testing of links ( links have to work )
Testing on different browsers ( your site must look good in all browsers )

Starting at: $175. per page

You do not need a computer to have a web site. Your web site provides names, numbers, addresses and information, showing the consumer your product effectively. All you have to do is provide pictures ( scanning extra ) and writing for your site.

Websites Redesigned!

If your web site isn't looking like you wanted it to or just doesn't do the job you thought it would, we can redesign your existing site using as much or as little of your current content as you wish.

We would be happy to take a look at your current site, discuss your options, and give you an idea what you could expect your new site to perform and look like.
We are happy to work with your existing web host, and would of course be thrilled to transfer your new site to Cedar Place hosting and begin providing you with the level of service that our clients deserve.

Other Services

FREE Web Site Analysis - We will look at your site and tell you in what areas it could be improved.

Image Scanning - Need photos for your website scanned?
Price: $ 4.00 per photo

Domain Registration
Price: $ 10.00

Domain Search
Price: $ 3.00 per name

Website Upload - Your website needs to be ftp uploaded to your hosting server.
Price: $25.

Content Development - Need us to compose the writing for your website?
Price: @ $ 45. per hr

Website Consulting - Giving you an idea of how your site will look.
Price:$ 75. (If you choose to have Cedar Place design your site - no charge )

Internet Marketing Consulting - Let us give you an analysis of how business can be best marketed on the Internet.
Price: $50. per hour

Site Maintenance
Price:$ 45. per hour ( ex: new link or change a photo approx. $15.00 )

Custom Graphics
Digital Photography
Custom Graphic Design Including Logos, Animations and JavaScript
Specialty Maps

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